Gluten Free Stuffing With Sausage & Sage Grain Free Version too!

My Favorite Gluten Free Stuffing For The Holidays! This one is a keeper and so simple! My husband even made it easily the year during Thanksgiving when I had surgery on my wrist and could not cook...He made the entire gluten free dinner with my careful instructions of course....

Bob Red Mills Corn Bread Mix - Bake according to instructions the day before. Or for those cross reactive to corn like me I use Canyon Bakehoue Heritage gfree honey white bread. I cut bread into chunks, soak in some melted butter and olive oil, bake at 350 for about 13 minutes.   

Or use Happy Campers Organic gluten free bread one of my newest favorites!  I also love their cinnamon raisin bread, so yummy for a quick tasty breakfast!  

1 Pound Pork Breakfast Sausage

4 Celery Ribs

4 cups Chicken Stock (GFREE Pacific)

1/4 Cup Chopped Sage Leaves

Kosher Salt and Black Pepper

Bake on 400 preheated oven uncovered for 20 minutes and then cover and bake another 20 to 25 minutes


Here's how I made the grain free version.....


(8) Slices of Julian Bakery grain free bread  melt butter and garlic pepper and brush on bread and toast for about 15 minutes.  Break up bread into bowl and add in the sausage and sage as directed above.  

Gluten Free Lady


Gluten Free Lady