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Sue's Blog

Friday, 04/30/21 - Straight talk from doctors about this 'THING'...

I do NOT like seeing muzzles on children, adults, and definitely NOT on me, ever! For one thing it's been proven that these mask being worn outside a sterile environment (like healthcare workers wear) do not stop the spread of anything, they are for control, period and to fear-wash people into getting this injection 'THING' put inside their bodies. Whenever I see these muzzles on little children my stomach turns.
Children are being indoctrinated into this cult and you can bet they have spread so much fear now that parents will do whatever it takes to get their children back in school including risking them being sterilized because according to these doctors below that's exactly what can happen with these injections which they say are NOT vac^^cines at all.  They do not stop the spread of any virus just like these mask do not.   These are NOT flu shots!  (this has been the sinister plan all along.  Create enough fear that people will do whatever it takes to go back to normal.) When in reality having these injections are anything but 'normal'.  Don't believe me, listen to these medical doctors below.  They share their credentials too.  One of them was a Navy physician.  These are the medical professionals who are being censored from telling the truth.  Why??   
Go ahead and call me crazy, I just don't care anymore. They called John the Baptist crazy too. I'm not John but I am continuing to spread the truth no matter what. It's what Jesus said to do!
Don't come near me either with that injection 'THING' or for ten days if you've gotten that 'thing' put into your body and most of all be sure to quarantine before going out around anyone because if you do get the 'thing' injected into your body you are a spreader of who knows what, not those of us who choose NOT to get the 'thing' put into our bodies. 
And for the record there's no way I would ever think Jesus would say to put that 'thing' into our body! Our body our choice remember?!  
In today's world people can choose to abort their baby, a man can choose to become a woman and compete in women's sports, woman become a man or whatever they identify as, a child can choose what gender they identify as even as young as three years old! ..... WE CHOOSE NOT TO TAKE THE 'THING'!
Even Pfizer documents warn about it===> HERE
Whoever does choose to get that 'thing' injected into their body better put the armor of God on because they're gonna need it!  
This doctor below in Oregon license was suspended after his peer review study was published. Why are they so threathened?
CLICK HERE doctor on video explaining the peer reviewed study...
Dr. Simone Gold talks with Diamond & Silk about the injection 'shedding'  PART2: Dr Simone Gold answered your questions including the one about skin shedding and vaccines. Are the vaccines even legal and what happened to HCQ as a preventative?
Stay Healthy & Free!
Gluten Free Lady

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