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Tuesday, 12/01/20 - The MOST POWER EVIDENCE C-Vid a Sham! Real Virus, Highly Exaggerated! PROOF You Must See! Inbox

Yes this is a real virus and I've never once said it's not. I have said however that this whole thing has been a world wide hoax to control the public into submission.  There's proof but every time the truth comes out it gets retracted or hidden from the public's view doesn't it?   Why?
People have died but this virus has been extremely exaggerated. People die too from heart disease, influenza, cancer, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses and now more suicides than ever before due to the lockdowns.  Of course they don't report any of this do they?  Anytime someone is sick now it's Co-vid this, C-V that.   NOW all deaths are being coded as Co-vid.  Why?
Health professionals that do not follow along are either fired or their license is suspended.  They are also being paid to list all deaths as C-V.   During any other pandemic there's been no shut downs, lockdowns, business, church, school closings, controlled censoring, or mass mask hysteria has there?   It just keeps going on and on and on and on.  They are now hyping the vaxx as a miracle cure and most people will line up and beg for it because of the manipulation.  Why?
Still skeptical?  Just look at this data from the Johns Hopkins study below.  Of course Johns Hopkins retracted it and not because it is false information but because they cannot have the public knowing the exact truth.
Most people are gullible, easily manipulated and believe everything the media, government and health officials tell them to believe and just follow along like controlled subjects.  Since people have been proven to be controlled so easily, what's next on their agenda for the general population?

Want proof once and for all that COVID-19 is a big-fat sham (real virus, highly exaggerated) that’s only about control? Then you are about to get it. In the video, I delve through a Johns Hopkins study that shows there is no increase in overall deaths, meaning many COVID-19 are being miscalculated. All that and more in this report.  Lisa Haven - Restricted Republic - December 1, 2020

For More Information See: 

Johns Hopkins Study -

A Closer Look At U.S. Deaths Due To Covid-19  by Yanni Gu - November 27, 2020 


December 2, 2020 - More on National Mask Mandates -

The COVID-19 RT-PCR Test: How to Mislead All Humanity - Using a "Test" to Lock Down Society from GreenMedInfo

Video on===>  Restricted Republic   (please note this is a paid subscription website.  It's like $7.00 a month to stay informed.  I'm supporting Justas Knight and Lisa Haven in their efforts to get the truth out because most of their information is censored on social media platforms.  I gave out the links above though to the information Lisa was discussing today.)  
Stay Healthy & Free!
Gluten Free Lady

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