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Sue's Blog

Sunday, 08/09/20 - A Decade Later...and Now the Entire World Lives In Fear?

The entire world has been scared to death through the media because that's where most people get their information. Most people are not going to research the CDC website or listen to the Frontline Doctors like ER Dr. Simone Gold, talking truth about using something inexpensive like Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) to help people recover in the beginning stages of this virus or prophylactic.


Our entire way of life has been turned upside down seemingly within the blink of an eye when actually all this has been planned for many years.  Back in the 60's when I was young our worst fear was Russia attacking us with a bomb.  We'd have drills and hide under our desk. Like that was going to keep us safe right? Now it's the deadly virus so we put on the MASK... same thing, only it's not keeping us safe either but most people think it is don't they?

Most people only listen to the media and all their friends who do the same and then they turn on the rest of us who DO do the research and LISTEN to reason and truth. On top of that we're all being censored by all the tech giants who think they know best. News flash!!


Every time I hear on the local news here in Austin that someone died OF Covid-19 it makes me sick to my stomach because we know people do not die OF Covid, they may die WITH it but not OF it. The other day they said a superintendent of schools died OF Covid. That keeps the fear going longer and perhaps keeps schools closed longer too right?  🤔 I go there to check the local weather but sometimes I get more than I asked for.


And they are saying every death including from the flu is from Covid to inflate the numbers, keep the agenda and fear mongering going as long as possible until after the election. Then who knows?  I just heard from a friend that several healthy children from Georgia and Florida have died OF Covid. Really? I have to question this? If they are so concerned about children why in heavens name are they not giving them HCQ which has been approved by the FDA and used for over 60 years and shown to help people with Covid recover? 🤔 And I seriously doubt IF this is true that these children are from wealthy families. We know dang well they'd be getting HCQ! Someone needs to investigate. Because if they are killing these children who are most likely from poor families on purpose this is truly sick. Just imagine what their so called promising miracle vaxx will do?  Then there's the new Troll doll from Hasbro with the button in the doll's private area that makes giggle sounds when pushed.  That made my stomach turn even more.  Why is this even on our store shelves?  Probably because most people don't have a clue and some sadly don't really care or it would not be.


And why don't they fully close the border to Mexico, why are they allowing children who may be Covid positive to cross the border and possibly infect more people here? I think we all know the answer to that question.


Check out the CDC website sometime, it says we are below epidemic stage now so why do we still have all the mask mandates and hearing different information from MSM? Why do 82% of Americans agree to wear them in public, even while outside hiking alone, plus now this insanity of suggesting we wear them at home? Is it really to protect people from a virus or to protect them from the OTHERS who follow along and cover their faces willingly, then threaten and harass those of us who choose not to follow? 🤔

When doing some research I tried to click on death tolls for the H1N1 virus in 2009-10 and it says PAGE NOT FOUND. 🤔


It also says that was a Pandemic too? SO why NO mask hysteria, NO 6 foot communistic rules or shut downs of the entire country, closing of businesses, schools, churches, increased hype about a miracle vaxx to save the world? Interesting huh since we already have a miracle medicine (HCQ) that's been approved by the FDA and used for over 60 years and that some physicians have been using successfully for their patients to recover from Covid, yet they are all being silenced and people are dying needlessly? Is anyone else questioning why? 🤔


Gluten FREE Lady
August 9, 2020

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