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Sue's Blog

Thursday, 07/16/20 - A Perspective After Living On This Planet for 67 Years...

The ONLY doctor that finally figured out why I was chronically ill for many years with all sorts of autoimmune disorders was a Functional Medicine doctor not an MD. That was in 2006. It was all diet and took me two years to fully start listening to her advice and begin to turn things around.

A Functional Medicine doctor understands how to help people actually become well. All the MDs did for years was give me more prescriptions. I was able to wean off them including thyroid drugs I was on for 32 years and anti-depressants, the migraine meds and all the antibiotics I took for constant infections.  Back then I came down with everything and had constant bacterial infections. My immune system was shot

Am I advocating people do not go to MDs and go off their meds? Absolutely not. This is what worked for me personally! I do however go to MDs for a broken bone because they can fix that. There's no way now for someone my age to go to the hospital because it's so Covid focused that they'd probably say I have it just to bump their numbers up.

How about building the immune system? That's what we've being doing for years.  Viruses have been living with us sharing this planet since the beginning of time.  Anyone who can read and wants to know the truth can search this out.  This particular virus, which according to true data available, isn't even as deadly for most people as the seasonal flu however it has unfortunately been weaponized by these draconian politicians who want to keep their states closed, ruin small businesses and take total control over the people who live there.  Have people died?  Yes and that is tragic but people die every year from all sorts of diseases.  The statistics are staggering.  Look it up. 

I remember how bad the H1N1 virus was in 2009. I still have an email to my doctor with concerns and was asking her how to boost our immune system further during this outbreak.  Some people may remember there was no hype about this virus, no stay at home orders, no shut down of businesses, no shut down of churches or schools, no 6 foot rule, no mask mandates or mass hysteria, there was none of this fear mongering was there? Why not then? Why now?  And testing was actually halted by the administration.  Why?

I had a really bad virus several years ago with all the same symptoms we are seeing with this current virus, after traveling back home from seeing our son on the east coast. It was a really bad one and most likely was a coronavirus. Severe fatigue, cough so bad it hurt my lungs, fever, bad sore throat, headache,  loss of appetite. I could barely get out of bed and walk to the bathroom or kitchen. I used only holistic, no meds, no doctor, no flu shots. Fortunately my strong immune system was able to kick it out within a week and just got stronger for it.

Are people following along with these draconian rules and mandates because it's just easier to shut up, give up their rights and follow along like good little comrades do? And what is this doing to children when they are dehumanizing them starting at a very early age even going so far as putting a mask over a babies face? In my opinion that's child abuse and anyone who condones this behavior seriously needs a mental check because that is just an insane thing to do to a child. Look at some of the commercials now from large corporations with entire families covering their face including their small children. Companies like Wolf Lodge, Old Navy, Walgreens, Home Depot, Spectrum with face coverings on a mannequin.  And Disney World having children cover their faces and march up to the line on the pavement and stand until told to move forward!  Not sure about you but that's a bit alarming to me.  

What has happened to the United States of America we grew up in? The is not the America we have come to love.  The only thing I see united now are all these 'diaper faced' drones marching along, literally walking up to stand on the LINE, waiting to be told when to move and willingly giving in to draconian orders from Governors who 'think' they are kings!  Now they are trying to remove the National Anthem and replace it with some ladeda Lean On Me?!  Reminds me of their 2016 "We Are All Stronger Together" platform.  No thank you!

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola:  

Tomorrow, the “new normal” in America may well include the order to “show me your vaccine papers” before you can enter a store or restaurant, go to school, attend a football game, get on a plane, train or subway, obtain a driver’s license, be admitted to a hospital or nursing home, get a room at a hotel or walk on a public beach, if health policy and lawmakers do not use common sense to adopt a more balanced approach to dealing with a virus that, so far, has changed everything.”

The USA is teetering on a precipice. Are we going to continue to act like “sheeple” ruled by fear? Or are we brave men and women standing up for freedom and liberty?

When are the states going to reopen?

Read more of this fascinating truth from Ty & Charlene Bollinger HERE 



Here's an interesting article too that may make some people question what the heck is going on? 

Why Sweden Succeeded in “Flattening the Curve” and New York Failed

“Whatever people do in the market economy, is the execution of their own plans. In this sense every human action means planning,” Mises wrote in Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis. “What those calling themselves planners advocate is not the substitution of planned action for letting things go. It is the substitution of the planner’s own plan for the plans of his fellow-men. The planner is a potential dictator who wants to deprive all other people of the power to plan and act according to their own plans. He aims at one thing only: the exclusive absolute pre-eminence of his own plan.”

When Mises speaks of the “pre-eminence of his own plan,” it’s hard not to think of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who in March sounded downright indignant when a reporter asked about nursing homes objecting to his plan of prohibiting them from screening for COVID-19.

“They don’t have the right to object,” Cuomo answered.  “That is the rule, and that is the regulation, and they have to comply with it.”

Cuomo clearly saw his central plan as superior to that of individuals acting within the marketplace.

The policy of forcing nursing homes to take COVID carrying patients, which was adopted by numerous US states with high virus death tolls, is a stark contrast to Sweden’s market-based approach that trusted individuals to plan for themselves.

“Our measures are all based on individuals taking responsibility, and that is … an important part of the Swedish model,” Hakan Samuelsson, the CEO of Volvo Cars, observed in April.  

Sweden’s approach of encouraging social distancing by giving responsibility to individuals may very well explain why the Swedes fared so much better than New York, where authorities disempowered individual actors and prevented nursing homes from taking sensible precautions.

It’s almost absurd to look at New York’s pandemic plan and declare it superior to Sweden’s, yet many in the intellectual class will continue to hammer away at Sweden while ignoring the catastrophic numbers in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and other states.

This likely would have been no surprise to Mises. As he pointed out, the central planner is primarily concerned with a single factor: the pre-eminence of his own plan.

Once this truth is understood, one can finally understand the drumbeat of criticism against Sweden.

Read it all here -

More resources - 

Dr. Cynthia Foster – healing colds and flu naturally – Dr. Foster is an MD who specializes in Functional Holistic Medicine.  I’ve been using her products for over six years.  In particular the Oregano oil she has is excellent as an anti-viral/Anti-bacterial.   If I do have something coming on I mix about 4 drops of the Oregano oil with some coconut oil and drink it once a day for 2 days and it kicks it out.  It has worked specially well for if I have a cough coming on or a bad flu like I had several years ago after traveling home from the east coast.  Exact symptoms like we are seeing now with this current virus.  I’m pretty sure now that it was a Coronavirus. Fever, headache, achey, horrible cough so bad my lungs hurt, sore throat, severe fatigue, loss of appetite.    My immune system was able to kick it out within a week and got stronger in the process. 

Listen to Dr. Foster's Videos -


Cold & Flu Season -

Dr. Cynthia Foster Natural Protocols E-book. We update it regularly. Dr. Foster is about to post more information here -


Sue Seward

Gluten Free Lady 

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