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Sue's Blog

Wednesday, 03/23/16 - Do Any of these Fad Diet/Health Gimmicks Really Work Long Term?

Personally I’ve been on this journey to become healthier, lost weight and kept it off for over 8 years by eating clean healthy foods, cutting out the gluten/wheat, white flours, carbs, and getting regular exercise.  When I slip up and put what is not good into my body and do not get the proper exercise by moving my body then I suffer the consequences of ill health and have to pull myself up by the boot straps and get back on the right track. 

Yep this was me after our first son was born!  Hard to believe eh? I weight about 198 lbs when pregnant with him and that is no lie.  I am only 5'3.  I had gotten gestational diabetes too when pregnant.   I struggled after his birth with losing weight for years.  Then took a job with the Diet Center after he was 2 and had to go on their starvation diet. Yes I lost weight but it was horrible during the process!  Guess what?  I gained most of it back!  Like most people do when they go on these fad diet programs.  I vowed then and there never to go on one of these fad diet programs again and I've kept that promise to myself.  Diets do not work long term.  Anyone can lose weight, it's keeping it off for the long term that is hard and I've done it and loving helping anyone who is willing to listen who wants to truly change their life.  Is it easy?  Nope but it's so worth it!  The key is to focus on having good health not losing weight.

My first real journey started way back in 1993 after our second son was born. I was age 40 and started going to an exercise class in a church 3 days a week when we lived in West Virginia. I carried James age 8 months in his little baby carrier, with all this baby stuff and stayed as long as he would permit!  He would get fussy so I'd pick up and leave but kept coming back.  I continuted on this with journey for the next 15 years.    I’ve never been a fan of fad diets or pills. I’ve taken diet products in the past and all they did was cause ill effects in my body. My real health journey started in 2008 after being ill for many years and not knowing why.  All the doctors did was give me more prescription drugs. I was overweight for years, worked out 5 days a week and could just not shed the weight.  It was not until I changed what I was eating that the weight started coming off and has stayed off for 8 plus years.  I went from sizes 14 to now sizes 6 and 4’s and all the mysterious illnesses  like the severe weekly migraines, the joint pain, the all over my body pain, the memory loss were all gone. 

For anyone who’s really interested in becoming more vibrant, having more energy, boosting your brain power, memory, eating clean and healthy with real whole foods, losing weight and inches AND keeping it off for good this time and you know you have the ‘want to’ and now looking for the ‘how to’ without all the gimmicks and short term promises, contact me and let’s have a conversation which I promise will have no hype and offer no quick fixes that do not last. I simply want to help and encourage people on their personal journey to healthy living!

To Your Best Health!


Sue Seward
Gluten Free Lady


Reply from Harvey Hess:
Thursday, 03/24/16

Very well stated Sue, it is so frustrating to watch what's going on with all these fads that have no science...from the 'pink drink' to 'wraps' to 'shakes / cleanses', especially plastered all over social media. The only ones who seem to benefit are the Company owners...and many times they are laughing all the way to the bank. Keep up the good work!

Sue Says: Good to see you Harvey! I agree with you. It's been quite a challenge but well worth it! Thank you again for stopping by and your input is very well appreciated!

Enjoy your day!

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