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Sue's Blog

Monday, 01/04/16 - New word for 2016 - Grainbesity

Gluten Free Lady 2015

My husband found some past photos of me from 1998 and some in the 2000's and remarked how heavy I used to be all over but mostly in the belly, even though he said I was working out 4 to 5 days a week. It's remarkable how different my body looks and feels now compared to then! 50 lbs and 6 sizes less and without working out as much or as heavily as I used to back then.

All I did really was eliminate WHEAT from my diet. All the dieting and exercising at the first of the year just doesn't last and it took more than just exercise for me personally. Quite simply it was what I was eating that was causing all that lasting weight gain.

So for me it was about slowly adding healthy life style changes that have lasted now for over 7 years and counting! It was tough at first but now it's just a lifestyle for both of us. First thing I did was push the bread basket away and change the flours I was using to non-wheat. I started to cook more and more at home from scratch. We started organic gardening again over three years ago and grow our own herbs as well to use in cooking.

Little by little over the years I’ve made small changes like eating organic, grass fed meats, protein smoothies first thing in the morning, keeping blood sugar levels from dipping throughout the day, eating grass fed butter and now even started buying grass fed milk and cheeses. I only drink high quality coffee and one cup a day is best for me. Drinking plenty of water during the day has always been a habit, I also add lemon. 

My motto is moderation in everything except of course wheat for me personally is deadly so that's a no no at all times.  On occasion I've gotten contaminated with wheat when eating away from home and suffered dearly.  It usually takes 5 months for it to clear out of my system and I suffer from a myraid of health symptoms ranging from migraines, IBS, severe pain in certain areas of my body and usually skin breakouts.   (*See the products my husband and I take below including the pro/pre-biotic I take daily and especially when eating away from home). 

We still eat out occasionally but I'm very selective in where and what I eat when eating out. I love having a good juicy burger at All Star Burger in the Galleria on occasion and their fries are cooked in a dedicated fryer so I've had no issues when eating there and usually eat half the burger and save the other half for later or the next day. My husband and I usually split meals when we eat out too and that way we don't over eat at one sitting. We feel much better too! :)

Another thing I’ve learned over the years is that ‘fat’ has gotten a really bad rap while sugar and wheat are praised like crazy! Well if all those low fat diets were so great why are so many people in this country obese, including children in this country? Look at all the big fat bellies we see? I had one of those too for years until I dumped the wheat.

Some people say, “isn’t it way more expensive to eat healthy?” My answer back is, “that’s just a big fat lie. It is way more expensive for me NOT to eat this way because being unhealthy is much more expensive! I spent way more money on all the unhealthy food I was eating, not to mention all the fast food and restaurant take out!” What I do is eat real food, limit processed packaged stuff and eat real sugar and grains in moderation. I do not eat artificial sweeteners or foods with corn syrup. My body gives me clues when I eat too much of the wrong things and I’ve really learned to listen to my body because when I don’t it hurts!

Little steps can lead to big accomplishments!

Ever feel like your body is working against you?

Isn't it time to finally learn how to stop dieting and start feeling, eating, and living better?

This is not a race, it’s not a diet, it’s your life!

To your very successful, healthy, blessed and happy 2016!

Sue Seward
Gluten Free Lady

PS - 

We started taking this CBD Hemp Oil in December 2017. I saw immediate results with sleeping longer and better, REM sleep, relief from stress and anxiety, pain and we've seen results with skin issues. Info on this product is====> HERE

**I take some herbal tinctures and use some Essential Oils from Dr. Cynthia Foster Her Essential Oils like Frankincense ($29.99) and Myrrh ($19.99) are pure grade and high quality.  

**We take a powdered Magnesium product called Mag Focus from Suzy Cohen -





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