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Tuesday, 11/11/14 - Ten Tips For Enjoying the Holidays & Preventing Weight Gain

1.  Fill up on veggies while at gatherings and pot lucks.  This is such a great way to protect against obesity. Fill your plate with salad and vegetables and do not forget to add some protein.  Protein works with the complex carbs like veggies in building more muscle which burns more fat! Skip the breads and go with moderation on the desserts. I would say skip them all together but let's be realistic, I know for a fact that's just not going to happen with most people during the holidays.   It is possible however to restrain yourself from over indulging!  You can DO IT and your body will thank you for it!    When you do make homemade desserts use all natural sweeteners like honey and pure maple syrup.

2.     Chewing food more slowly is best.  Do you realize that the quicker we eat a meal, the less time we give our bodies the time it needs to register that it’s full?   Slow down and visit with friends before going back for seconds or thinking about that dessert.  Give your brain the 20 minutes it needs to get the message that it’s full.  Most of the time we eat out of emotion and don’t even realize we’re over eating.  Does your body really need those extra calories when it’s full already?

3.    Get in some exercise.  You might not have time to go to the gym and get your usual hour-long workout, but start or end your day with a quick and easy 20 min walk!  Go for a walk with a love one and relax after eating a holiday meal!   Get in a quick 10 minute workout right at home.  Ask me about this!

4. Get more extra steps throughout the day.  A handy exercise helper is a Fitbit.  What a great Christmas gift.  It’s amazing how you can just get sucked into work at a desk and computer and not be moving for hours!  This little tool will help you to see whether you are svelte or a slug.  Aim for a minimum of 5,000 steps per day and goal of 10,000.  I heard the new iPhone 6 has one too!   Hello Santa?!

5.    Drink plenty of water.  It’s easy to let this one go during the cooler winter season.  Make sure that you’re drinking eight glasses every day.   Sneak in a glass of water between alcoholic beverages if this is something that you tend to consume more of during the holidays.  We carry our water bottles with us at all times.  It’s just a good habit we’ve developed and now it’s like brushing our teeth!

6. Enjoy a green drink, protein shake or smoothie.  This one daily habit can refocus you on healthy eating if you did happen to overindulge or consume too many of those famous Christmas cookies you just couldn’t resist!    We drink gluten/wheat free Mighty Maca Greens every day and I put some in my protein shake in the AM.  You’ll find that on my Daily Nutritional Regimen

7. Decreasing Stress and the right nutritional supplements to lower your stress response are important!  Many of us know that stress signals in the body and brain increase cravings (emotional eating) and it is usually not for the good stuff our body needs to thrive like veggies and high quality protein!   See my nutritional regimen and ways we de-bug our body by boosting our immune system at-   Twenty minutes of walking or stretching is amazing for decreasing the stress response.  Praying, meditating and getting enough sleep all promote less stress hormones.

8.   Take a time out!  You deserve it!  Do something you love for 30 minutes or more at least once a week during the holidays.  Read your favorite book, go for a walk,  spend time on that hobby you love or create a new one, call a good friend you haven't seen or spoken with in a while to tell them you love them. Be a blessing to someone. Give a gift away that you know will bless them! 

9. Add a little reminder on your calendar to join us for our Get Fit With God Journey in January at Pedernales River Fellowship Fitness Center here in Spicewood and on my new group online at -
How To Be Gluten Free Just knowing that you have a plan to get back on track will help you to relax and enjoy this wonderful time of year.  If you're not on Facebook, no worries, I will be sending out emails and adding a mobile group for those interested with texting days and times, encouragement and support! 

10. Stay Thankful for all your blessings every single day.  This will focus your mind on the beautiful gifts that you receive! 

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Stay Well & Be Happy!

Gluten Free Lady Coach


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